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Dog Walking Spots - East Sussex - Part 1
This blog will only skirt around some of the nicest places I have found to walk my dog in East Sussex. I am hoping as with a lot of online information sharing, that others will add their recommendations and we will build up a definitive guide to dog walking across the whole of Sussex. I have started with East Sussex as I live over this side of Sussex but as my dog gets bigger and I explore further afield this list will only increase. If you have any tips or hints for West Sussex feel free to get in touch and we will keep adding the best ones to our dog walking page.
This is my first dog whilst living in Sussex so it has been a real learning curve as I searched Google to no avail looking for a good list of dog walking destinations. So my intention is that this be the start of a page that new dog walkers and dog walkers who need a bit of inspiration can come to, to find a place near them. Perhaps we can start plotting them on a Google map and really giving dog walkers some facts and information. 
Something valuable I have learnt, is that every dog owner has his own set of criteria for a walk - whether this be because like me, they have a wayward excitable young puppy that is still learning recall and would much rather join someone elses pack than stick by my side. Or perhaps because they have rescued a nervous dog that needs a solitary walk where they are unlikely to meet many other dog owners. Then there are the sociable ones who don't feel like they have had a good walk unless they have had an hour surrounded by other dogs playing ball and chasing each others' tails and lastly perhaps the fit owner who has a pair of beautifully trained dogs who just want to follow and walk for miles and miles undisturbed. This is clearly just touching the surface of the doggie/owner world and the various needs and wants of both dog and owner but I hope to provide a few suggestions and Sussex is our oyster from there! 
Camber Sands
Camber Sands has to kick off my list. Miles and miles of sandy beach with dunes on one side and sea on the other so dogs less good at recall are quite safe here. When the tide is out the beach is enormous and even when the car park is full, there is enough space for everyone. I have met some lovely chatty dog walkers here and if your dog likes playing in puddles or the sea, this is heaven. Bear in mind there are lots of children playing on the beach too so if your dog (like mine) is over exuberant around squeaking toddlers then perhaps putting it on a lead here and there would be advisable so as not to spoil anyones fun. Camber SandsPlease note that there are restrictions to bringing your dog to Camber Sands during the peak summer months so check ahead. Oh and lastly, there are a lot of horse riders who bring their horses to Camber Sands as the beach is big enough to accommodate them, so if your dog is badly behaved around horses ensure you keep it under control. 
There is no parking charge for the car park if you arrive at the crack of dawn, so I have been known to go very early in the morning and have the beach to myself. Perhaps I shouldn't have let my secret out? 
Long Man at Wilmington
Second on my list is The Long Man at Wilmington. This is a beautiful walk whether you have two legs or four. There are apparently occasional livestock in the neighbouring fields, so just be sensible. I have never encountered any sheep so it has always been off-lead bliss for my dog, but it is a climb to the top of the ridge, although thoroughly worth it, especially if you take a flask of tea. 
Brede High WoodsBrede High Woods six miles north of Hastings in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is 647 acres of woodland with Powdermills Reservoir in the middle and if your dog likes mud, rivers and sniffing (what dog doesn't?) then this is a place you can while away several dog walks exploring the area. There are two car parks to choose from but make sure you are pretty good at navigating or take your GPS phone with you as there is a chance you could get lost. However last time I got slightly lost here, I saw about 25 deer running beautifully past a clearing, so was well worth a bit of a detour. 
Pett LevelPett Level is a place very close to my heart as it is one of my regular jaunts. If your dog is the less well trained variety then perhaps sensible to check the tides and go at low tide when you have a big beach to play on. If your dog is the heeling sort then this is still a lovely walk along the pebbles at high tide. There are still some dog restrictions during the summer months but it is probably too hot to take a dog to such a flat open space during the peak summer anyway. On a dreary day this place can be at its most beautiful. The result of a 5000 year old petrified wood gives it its name and also a completely different vibe to anywhere else on the planet. In fact it can look like another planet when the sun is setting over the rock pools and very slimy mud. Wear wellies if you go at low tide and be careful not to slip, oh and avoid the patches of sinking sand that can appear. I have never been sucked in deeper than the top of my wellies, but it can take you by surprise. My new trick is to watch the dog and if he sinks past his ankles I choose another route across the fossilised tree roots.
Hastings Country ParkHastings Country Park is a great place for those who live in the town as it is accessible by walking from the Old Town in Hastings up to the East Hill and onward. Anyone with mobility issues would be advised not to start the walk from Hastings but to drive up to the car parks at The Firehills a few miles out of town towards Fairlight. Some days when I arrive at The Firehills, especially in nice weather, you could mistake it for a doggie park. This is great if your dog needs some socialisation as during the week there is a fabulous dog walking community who I am gradually getting to know (by the dogs names of course rather than the owners!)

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