Fishers Farm Park

Fishers Farm ParkIf your kids like action and adventure, Fishers Farm Park is the perfect place to get them moving. The award-winning attraction is nestled in the South Downs and open all year round for family fun. Designed for children under 10, there’s plenty to keep your little ones entertained.  

Always a favourite with young children, the farm animals are just waiting for you to meet them. Head to the barns to meet the animals and watch the daily farm show. You may even be lucky enough to get up close and personal with them, perhaps even bottle-feed those only recently born. Forget the Grand National, at Fishers Farm Park, they hold their very own contests, including pig racing, sheep racing and the Shetland Grand National. 

Get in the competitive spirit and place your bets on which runner you think will be the winner. It’s great fun for everyone! The adventure play area is jam-packed with so many attractions you'll be spoilt for choice. Face your fears in the Happy Haunting Ghost Tunnel or test your navigation skills in the mini-mazes. There are merry-go-rounds, trampolines and more. Big kids and adults can have a go on the 25ft climbing wall – why not have a race to the top? There’s even something special for toddlers with the indoor soft play barns.

Fishers Farm ParkMum and Dad can relax and keep an eye out, whilst enjoying a drink and slice of cake in the coffee shop. After all that action, choose from a selection of delicious food venues serving everything from hotdogs and doughnuts to salads and smoothies. Whatever their age, kids will love Fishers Farm Park, and the great part is, they’ll be worn out in no time!

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