Forest Row

Named with the neighbouring Ashdown Forest in mind, Forest Row has grown enormously over the past 150 years from its roots as a small hamlet. Favourable for hunters in the 14th century, noblemen would use Forest Row as their base when searching for the plentiful local supply of venison. The village has managed to combine elements of the old and the new, with historic cottages and modern developments standing side by side.

The adjoining Ashdown Forest is ten square miles of open land, rich with wildlife and plants. However, the forest is not the only area of parkland near Forest Row. The Forest Way Country Park is also nearby and used for walking, cycling and horse riding, and visitors may even spot swallows, badgers, deer and foxes. The opportunities for outdoor activities are in abundance in Forest Row, with a golf course near Ashdown Forest, the Memorial Recreational Sports Grounds, and Weirwood Reservoir which offers sailing, course fishing and bird watching. Other nearby attractions include Ashdown Llama Park, Chiddingstone Castle and the Bluebell Railway.  

On any given day throughout the town you are likely to find a range of activities and opportunities. The distinctive Village Hall and the Community Centre play host to weekly events, including dance lessons, workshops and exercise classes. Alongside this, the community also supports local entertainment events, from the cinema to the theatre and arts. The local community can boast a range of clubs and societies offering residents the chance to learn new skills or socialise. This has developed a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for tourists new to the area as well as those who live in Forest Row.

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