Hove Beach

Hove beach is a much quieter, calmer seafront to explore. If you walk west from Brighton Pier, you'll eventually enter Hove beach territory, still covered with the area's infamous shingle. More frequented by locals than tourists, you're more likely to encounter the iconic colourful beach huts than clubs and bars.

Children surfing at Hove lagoon There's plenty for adults and children to enjoy, away from the busy tourist hub of Brighton. The highlight for kids is the Hove Lagoon. Lagoon watersports are the ideal way to keep your children entertained in the summer, with sailing, windsurfing and kayaking courses, all within the safety of the enclosed lagoon. To learn a range of skills try the Summer Camp Activity Week. Kid's watersports parties can also be organised.

Hove beach also has a paddling pool, sand pit, and playground. All a huge hit in the summer months. Plenty of promenade cafes and restaurants provide food, drinks and ice creams, without the Brighton tourist price tag. Heather Mills's restaurant Vbites is a popular local spot. The outdoor seated area, Hove lagoon watersportsplayground, paddling pool, as well as an indoor soft play area are buzzing in the summer. With its quirky vegan menu and relaxed central bar, it's a great refuge for parents. For the nostalgic feel, head to Marrocco's for traditional ice cream cones. Or take a ten-minute stroll westwards and enjoy a drink at the Babylon Lounge, in a suntrap seating area that backs on the beach.

Fresh fish sellers on the beach fit into Hove's classy, traditional image. Vendors can tell you where each type was caught and clean and prepare the fish before your eyes. The promenade is much wider and smoother than Brighton's which makes it perfect for walking with the family. The beach hut area of Hove's beachfront is also a designated barbecue and dog walking spot, with on hand lifeguards and beach patrols.

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