Brighton Sealife Centre

The Brighton SEA LIFE centre offers a fun and educational day out whatever the weather. With over 1,500 creatures and 50 displays, you will be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable day for the whole family.

Watch in amazement as giant turtles and sharks glide above you in our underwater tunnel. Come and visit ouGlass bottom boat tours at Brighton Sealife Centrer Tropical Reef - complete with a shark encircled wreck and breath taking tropical coral, you can make it your own adventure! 

The UK’s first glass bottom boat floats atop the centre’s huge ocean tank and is the ultimate way to experience the wonder and beauty of the underworld treasures without getting your feet wet. Marvel at vibrant coral and a wide range of colourful exotic fish. 

The expert narration will explain the details of this rich environment and point out all the exciting sights from aerial vies of sea turtles Lulu and Jersey, our newest arrival a giant sting ray and a whole host of tropical sharks.

Jellyfish Disco at Brighton Sealife Centre
 Jelly Discovery

Unlike most other marine creatures, and despite their stunning beauty and great variety, jellyfish are rarely given the attention they deserve. Now you can marvel at their infinite colors, graceful motion and ghost-like forms in a spellbinding spectacle that reveals their mysterious lives and world in a totally new light.

Behind The Scenes tour
See first hand how we care for over 1,500 sea creatures with an exclusive ‘Behind The Scenes tour!’ This interactive experience will immerse you into our working world where you will be shown how life support, filtration and water quality systems work, how food is prepared for the animals, plus breeding and research areas.

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*An additional charge applies for the glass-bottom boat and Behind-the-Scenes Tour

 Brighton Sea Life Centre


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