Footprints of Sussex

Sussex is a beautiful county that rewards exploration. Much of it is still undiscovered by most visitors.
Walking the South Downs Way
To appreciate just why so many artists and poets have been captivated by Sussex you simply have to get your boots on and walk away from the car park.

Of course, you need to know where you are going and for over 20 years now ‘Footprints of Sussex’ have been showing people the way to explore its hidden delights.

Whether you are looking for a free guided walk in good company on a Sunday morning or a week long holiday at some luxury B & B’s it’s all available on our friendly website.Walkers in Sussex near Alfriston

And if you are one of those thousands of people who have promised themselves “I am going to walk the South Downs Way one day ” - then you just found out how to do it ! The Annual South Downs Way Walk takes place every June.

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