Merriments Garden planted in the early 1990’s, Merriments Gardens have matured into a stunning display of colour, textures and fragrance. Not as large as other gardens in Sussex, what they lack in size, they make up for in beauty. Merriments Gardens are perfect for gardening enthusiasts, or for those that simply want to take a relaxing stroll in a beautiful setting.

The gardens are separated into different areas, each boasting a unique collection of flowers and shrubs. They seamlessly merge allowing visitors to flow through each area on one continuous route. The Wild Area is blooming with birds, butterflies and bees that call Merriments Gardens home.

Take a look in The Hide to see the garden birds feeding at an arm’s length away. A newly built bridge leads visitors through the tropical plants in The Ponds and Tropical Border Garden. This area really comes alive during the autumn when the tropical plants thrive. The Hot Border Garden blossoms in the summer, transforming into a kaleidoscope of purples and pinks that beautifully contrast the yellow and oranges of the Golden Border. Blue Gravel Garden is brimming with different types of grasses that thrive in poor soil conditions. They produce a stunning effect that seems so wild and unkempt in comparison to the perfectly manicured borders in some of the other areas of the garden. After strolling around the four acres of densely planted borders, relax at the Garden Terrace Restaurant for a long lunch. It has a truly stunning setting amidst the blooming flowers and lush scenery. Enjoy the change of seasons at Merriments with their seasonal craft markets. Held four times a year, they showcase the best local produce for the time of year. The craft markets offer visitors the chance to experience what native Sussex fare in the beautiful surroundings of Merriments Gardens.

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